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An 0844 or 0845 numbers is best used when you require a business impression which shows national coverage of your services, or if you do not wish to present your location. 0845 and 0844 numbers are charged as local rate calls unless using a mobile phone, some fixed line telephone companies have started to include 0845 numbers in bundled call allowances.

0845 numbers have the dual advantages of keeping your own operating costs to a minimum while at the same time offering a cheaper call for your customers, encouraging them to call you. They pay the standard local rate fee regardless of where in the UK they are calling from, as long as they are using a landline phone.

SwitchConnect 0845 numbers your incoming calls are completely FREE

With our 0845 numbers, incoming calls are totally free to receive. Compare this with a BT 0845: you'll fork out over 3p a minute on every single 0845 call you get! Imagine how much that will cost you over the course of a year! It's no surprise, therefore, that so many British organisations are choosing our 0845 numbers instead of BT's.

0845 Numbers: How they work

You simply choose where you would like your 0845 number to be linked to. So when your customers call the 0845, all their calls are instantly and automatically redirected to your selected 'destination' number. And, for maximum convenience and flexibility, you can change this number as often as you'd like to - absolutely free either within the SwitchINS portal or give our customer services team a ring and we will do this on your behalf if you're not in front of your computer.

This means that, for example, if you move to new premises or you need your 0845 calls rerouted to another phone or your mobile for a while (perhaps when you're away from the office on business), your 0845 is unchanged and your clients are none the wiser.

0845 numbers are sometimes called 'non-geographic numbers' (NGN for short) because their numbers don't designate a particular town or area, unlike 0207 or 0113 for example.

You don't need to buy additional kit or rent additional phone lines.
Naturally, you can continue using the phone your 0845 is linked to on exactly as you did previously - that's for incoming and outgoing calls. All the call rerouting is done by SwitchConnect remotely (and automatically) so your normal phone service carries on uninterrupted.

And now most of your customers can call your 0845 for free!

Because the majority of consumer calling plans now include 0845 numbers in their inclusive monthly packages, your customers can call your 0845 for free, 24/7. But even if a customer's tariff package doesn't cover calls to 0845 numbers, when they call one of our 0845 numbers they pay just 1-2p a minute between 6am and 6pm and only half a pence at any other time (that's if they call you from a BT line).

Should I choose 0845 or 0844  Depending on your requirements for general day to day contact for your business an 0845 or 0844 might be suitable.

Do I choose 0845 or 0844?

  Information about 0845 and 0844

0844 – 0845 Numbers

0844 & 0845 numbers at affordable rates from UK's leading provider – SwitchNumbers.co.uk
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0844 Business Rate

Get a free 0844 5p per minute number for your business with our Virtual Office call platform. We pay you for every call you receive (call revenue must exceed £20.00 per month). Other low cost 0844 ranges are available. Choose your range below to see the rates for each price band.
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