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    Virtual Office Manual What is the Switch Virtual Office?

The Switch Virtual Office is a call and phone management system that provides all the phone facilities you might expect from a traditional staffed office, including call redirection, audio greetings, voicemail, fax-to-email, etc. The Switch Virtual Office comes FREE with all numbers purchased from Switch. More information Additional advanced services including call recording and voice menus are also available as upgrades.
    Virtual Office Manual Is there a manual for the Virtual Office?
    Can I route my number to a mobile? Can I route my number to a mobile?

Yes you can. Please note that there is a one-off administration fee of 10.00 and call routing costs are 9-10p per minute on average (Prices quoted exclude VAT).
    Non Geographic Numbers Will having a non-geographic number affect the way I make and receive calls on my current number?

No. Your outbound calls and provider are not affected. You will receive incoming calls on your direct number as you do now.
    Second Phone Line Do I need to get another line installed to receive calls on my 0845/0870/0800 number?

No. We route the number to your existing line; callers can dial either your normal local exchange number or the new non-geographic number (NGN).  Both ways you will receive the call as normal.
    Cost to Call How much do calls cost from an 0845, 0870 or 0800 number?

This is a common question that we're asked - outgoing calls cannot be made on a non-geographic number, they only carry inbound traffic, so you will not receive a bill from us for making phone calls.
    0845 0870 cost How much does it cost to phone an 0845 number?

An 0845 number is charged at the BT Local Rate around 3.5p Peak and around 2p Off Peak. Calls to this range are free with some BT Packages.
    Number Redirection How many times can I redirect my number, and is there a fee to do so?

With The Switch Virtual Office you can change your numbers at any time online. If you would prefer you can call customer services directly or email and we will make the change normally within the hour.
    Voicemail Can I have voicemail?

Our Switch Virtual Office has a myriad of features including a voicemail, an opening greeting for callers, time based scheduling and fax to email
    Internation Callers What about international callers?

Ofcom have requested that all international carriers allow our 01,02,03 and 0870 numbers to be called from overseas, but it is up to the international carriers to do the work involved to make this possible; therefore we can offer no guarantees with regards to receiving calls from overseas.
    Additional Charge How much does it cost to send calls to the different types of number?

When you send a call to a geographic number (01 or 02), the costs are 1.75 pence per minute, at all times (peak, off-peak, and weekend).

Calls that we connect to your mobile are charged at between 9p and 10 per minute on average depending upon the network. Prices change each month and we will always bill at the lowest possible rate, all calls are charged per second billed monthly in arrears with no minimum charge or connection fee.

International destinations vary, please call for the current rate for your required destination.
    Additional Charge Are there any other charges that I should know about?

Our charges are completely transparent. Your annual service fee covers all of your administration. The rates to upgrade your number and for additional services are shown in your web console. Routes to mobile numbers or international destinations may incur monthly call costs.
    Pricing Change Will the pricing change for my numbers?

We guarantee that as long as the agreements set up by the regulators OFCOM stay the same, we will not change the pricing on your numbers. However, the industry regulator is always reviewing the UK numbering plan and how numbers are being used in the UK, so you can expect things to change in the future.

On the plus side, we are normally given notice of changes and should be able to give you plenty of time to take any necessary steps to review the changes and take decisions before they come into effect.
    Which Number Which Number should I choose?

This is entirely up to you! However, different numbers can say different things about your business. For example a freephone number shows customers you really want them to call and are willing to pay for their call to you. In fact market research indicates that on like for like adverts in the same publication, a freephone number will increase sales enquiries by up to 50%.

Many companies choose different numbers for different departments to reflect the nature of the call. Ask your self these questions:

  • Do you want your clients to call you for free when ringing your technical support line? Or do you think they should pay more for support?
  • Do you want prospective customers to pay for their calls to you? Or do you want to incentivise them by paying for the call?
  • For general admin enquiries, would it be beneficial to have some of the cost of providing these functions covered by the revenue received when people call and use them?
Each number has a different charge to the caller and mostly either generate an income or charge to the company who uses them. So to get the most of your inbound numbers, you should select the best numbers for each situation.

As an example, we have a corporate client who uses 0871 numbers for all their inbound calls, to every department and individual within the business. This generates £40,000 per month every month for calls they were receiving anyway!
    Non Geographic Will having a non-geographic number affect the way I make and receive calls on my current number?

No. Your outbound calls and provider are not affected. You will receive incoming calls on your direct number as you do now.
    Number Porting Can I port my existing phone number from another provider to Switch?

Yes. In most cases we can port numbers in from other networks. However, there is normally a fee for doing so.
    Number Porting Outbound Can I port a Switch number to another provider?

Porting out is possible where a Service Establishment has been raised and completed by the Gaining Party. Please contact us for further details. A fee will apply.
  Caller Costs  Caller costs on standard BT Tariff in pence per minute including VAT as at May 1st 2012
Type Peak Off-Peak Weekend
01 / 02 / 03 / 0870 Standard Call Charges Apply. Included in most free minute packages
0800 / 0808 Free Free Free
0844 (5p Fixed) 5p 5p 5p
0845 3p - free with some BT packages 1p - free with some BT packages 1p - free with some BT packages
0871 (10p Fixed) 10p 10p 10p
070 – PN2 50p 50p 50p
Premium Rate 25p – 150p depending on number prefix 25p – 150p depending on number prefix 25p – 150p depending on number prefix
For more information the Ofcom guide to common phonenumbers and their costs can be viewed here: How much does a phone call really cost?


  Telecom Keyword Glossary  Glossary Of Terms
    Number Translation Services NTS (Number Translation Services).
This means that when a caller dials your NTS number, we simply route their call on to your chosen destination, e.g. your office, mobile, or VoIP number.
    Calling Line Identifier CLI (Calling Line Identifier).
The telephone number of the phone that is placing a call.
    Direct Dial Inward DDI (Direct Dial Inward).
A specific number within a group usually used to describe a direct dial extension within an organisation.
    Non Geographic Numbers Non-Geographic Number
This is the term used to describe a freephone or 07, or 08 type of number where the geographic location cannot be determined by the dialling code.
    City Numbers City Numbers
These are geographic numbers but in looks only. They have prefixes such as 0121 Birmingham or 0117 for Bristol but can be directing to any UK number. This gives allows a company to have presence in a city location whilst actually receiving calls in another part of the country. They have all the functionality that can be applied to one of our Non Geographic Numbers including The Switch Virtual Office.

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