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Calls to 0800 Freephone numbers are free of charge for callers using landline phones, and so are a great way to encourage people to call your sales or enquiry lines. Having been in use for more than thirty years, the "0800 is free to call" message is widely understood by the general public, and hence having an 0800 number can significantly increase the likelyhood of a potential customer calling you, instead of your competitors.

0800 is one of the UK's most popular business phone number ranges, and businesses using 0800 are generally perceived to be bigger, more established companies. Does your business need to increase its reach and boost its public image, with a free-to-call number for your customers to place orders through, to encourage sales? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then an 0800 Freephone number from Switchnumbers will do all of this and more.

Virtual Office included! As with all of our number ranges, when you purchase a number from us we include our full Virtual Office package, which allows you to point your 0800 number to any destination of your choice, including mobiles and international destinations as well as normal landlines, and also provides a fully comprehensive call handling service including voice menus, call whispers, multiple targets, and more. (Note that some advanced services may require aditional setup fees)

A cost effective freephone service 0800 numbers from Switchnumbers are competitively priced across all our price bands, have a look and you'll be pleasantly surprised as to just how affordable an 0800 solution for your business can be. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can select a highly memorable number from our Gold and Platinum ranges, these cost a little more but have huge business value.

0800 Numbers: How they work

You simply choose what destination phone number you would like your 0800 number to be routed to, so that when your customers call the 0800, all their calls are instantly and automatically redirected to your selected 'target' number. And, for maximum convenience and flexibility, you can change this number as often as you'd like to - absolutely free! - either within the SwitchINS on-line portal or give our customer services team a ring and we will do this on your behalf if you're not in front of your computer. Note the destination number can be anywhere, on almost any phone provider, you don't have to rent a line from us, we can route your 0800 to your existing phone service, regardless of who provides it.

This means that, for example, if you move to new premises or you need your 0800 calls rerouted to another phone or your mobile for a while (perhaps when you're away from the office on business), your 0800 is unchanged and your clients are none the wiser.

Can I pick any 0800 number?
0800 numbers are sometimes called 'non-geographic numbers' (NGN for short) because their numbers don't designate a particular town or area, unlike 020 or 0113 for example. This means you can select any 0800 number from our available ranges, and the number does not reveal your location.

You don't need to buy additional kit or rent additional phone lines.
Naturally, you can continue using the phone your 0800 is linked to on exactly as you did previously - for both incoming and outgoing calls. All the call rerouting is done by SwitchNumbers remotely (and automatically) so your normal phone service carries on uninterrupted.

How soon will my 0800 number go live?
Our system is fully automated so once payment has been made, your new number will immediately become visible in your SwitchINS control panel, details of which are emailed to you when you make the purchase. You can then configure the number by entering your destination number in SwitchINS, and your service will be fully live. It really is that simple.

Can I use the 0800 number as my outgoing number? In normal use, the 0800 number simply becomes a second route for calls to your destination number, so when you call out, calls come from your phone's existing number. However should you wish to place calls from the 0800 number, we can provide VoIP services which will enable you to do this. Call one of our expert advisors on 0845 652 2222 for more information on this service.

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