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New service free to all customers - Ring Groups!

Introducing a major new service from Switch!  Ring groups allow you to direct incoming calls to a group of phones, all of which will ring together, with the first to be picked up getting the call.  These groups can include Landline, Mobile, and VoIP phones, regardless of who provides the telephone service - all you need is a Switch number to activate the service on.  Full details are available by clicking here.


Snowed in? Free USB VoIP Phone offer!

Snowed in? Free USB VoIP Phone or use our smartphone app, complete hosted PBX and SIP Trunking!

Introducing the Switch VoIP App!

Worried the forecast heavy snowfall will prevent you getting to the office to take your business calls? Use your smartphone and install our VoIP App, purchase the VoIP upgrade from Switch for only £10+vat per month, and you can receice cals on your business numbers absolutely anywhere that has broadband, and slash your call forwarding costs at the same time!


0808 Telephone Numbers

If you, like most businesses are looking for more ways to gain new customers and keep your existing customers happy then it's true to say that it's the little touches that matter! For example, if you had a main telephone number that was free to call then this goes a long way in saying to your customers and your potential customers that you really do care about them.


0845 Numbers Company

Here at Switch numbers, we are proud to say that we are the UK leading 0845 numbers company. It's true that there are a number of other places where you can purchase your 0845 number from. However, there aren't many other companies out there who can state that they own all the telephone numbers that they supply, we are pleased to say that we do.


0845 Phone Numbers

Whether you own a new business and looking to create that professional image or you own an established business and looking for a new telephone number then our 0845 phone numbers are perfect for you.


Easy to Remember 0845 Number

One way to really make your business stand out from the competition is to have an easy to remember 0845 number. You'll be surprised at how much of an influence this can have on winning new customers. If you have a number that's easy for people to remember to call then they will always think of you first for when they are looking for the service or product you are offering.


Where to Find Memorable 0800 Numbers

Welcome to Switch Numbers, we are thee number one place to come to if you are looking for where to find memorable 0800 numbers. We are experts within all things telephony based and we are one of the few number providers who actually owns all of the numbers that we supply through our online store.


Instant Buy 0800 Numbers

If you are looking to create the professional image for your business then you will love our service of supplying telephone numbers of your choosing. We provide you with the online facility to instant buy 0800 numbers.


How to Find Memorable 03, 0800 & 0871 Numbers

If you have found us by searching online for 'how to find memorable 03, 0800 & 0871 numbers', then welcome to Switch Numbers. For phone numbers, phone lines and internet telephony look no further than here. Unlike many telephone number providers, we own all of the numbers which we sell to give you that added piece of mind that you know where the number is coming from.


0845 Numbers Company

Here at Switch Numbers we are a superb 0845 numbers company and if you are looking to purchase a business number for your company then you are in safe hands with us.


Buy UK 0845 Numbers

Welcome to Switch Numbers, if you are looking for the ideal business contact number then you will love our 0845 number choices. Here at Switch we the experts in providing phone numbers, phone lines and internet telephony which makes us perfectly placed to assist you.


Buy a Phone Number

If you are looking to buy a phone number for your business then look no further than here at Switch Numbers. We are proud to be known as one of the fastest growing communication businesses within the UK. We are able to deliver high quality services through our own network infrastructure.


0800 Numbers Online

Welcome to Switch Number, we are the leading provider of phone numbers for your business and we have an excellent selection of 0800 numbers online.


0800 Numbers

Here at Switch we are the leading provider of all things telephony based, if you are looking to have 0800 numbers for your business then we can help. 0800 numbers are a great addition to your business as they really do show your customers that you care by making it free for them to contact you.


0845 and 0800 Telephone Numbers

Are you looking for 0845 and 0800 telephone numbers? If you are then you've come
to the right place. Here at Switch Numbers we are the leading experts in all things
phone numbers, phone lines and internet telephony.

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