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If you are looking to buy a phone number for your business then look no further than here at Switch Numbers. We are proud to be known as one of the fastest growing communication businesses within the UK. We are able to deliver high quality services through our own network infrastructure.


Depending on what you prefer, we can offer the following phone numbers -


  • Geographical Local Area - we can supply phone numbers which have a local area code to where you are based, or for where your virtual office is located.
  • 0800 | 0808 Freephone - Excellent choices to generate more sales as the 0800 and 0808 numbers are well known for being free of charge to call.
  • 0845 Business Line - For a main day to day business number the 0845 is a great choice, offering callers a low rate regardless of distance within the UK.
  • 0844 Business Rate - These 5p per minute rate business numbers are available free of charge to you, and you can receive a share of the call revenue.
  • 0871 Business Rate - Available in a choice of call rates from 6p to 10p, these are the perfect choice for support calls, and you get to share half of the revenue generated from each call.
  • 09 | Premium Rate - If  you are looking to run caller-paid telephone services, and receive a high revenue share from calls to your business, then our 09 numbers will be everything you are looking for.
  • 03 | UK Wide - a relatively new UK number, the 03 number is not location specific and the cost is normally equivalent to regular landlines.


All of our numbers include our superb Virtual Office system, giving you comprehensive control over all of your business telephony services with us.


We understand that every business is different and you will require a unique phone number that suits your business.


Use Switch Numbers to buy a phone number and you will not be disappointed with the service you receive from us.


If you have any queries then please feel free to contact us on 0845 652 2222.

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Features and Benefits of Switch Numbers

 Quick Setup

Buy your numbers now in just two easy steps.

Order online and we will supply you with a FREE Virtual Office.

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 Easy To Use

It's easy to order

  • Search for the number of your choice
  • Purchase your number online
  • Set up your routing
  • Start using your number

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 Virtual Office

Our standard Virtual Office application includes:

  • Greeting Message
  • Call Forwarding
  • Fax To Email
  • Voicemail To Email
  • Scheduling
  • Online Editing

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