SIP Trunking

As an alternative to hosted PBX services or extensions, SwitchConnect offers SIP Trunking for a one off set-up fee of £10+VAT with no rental charges!

SIP Trunking can also be used for ISDN replacement into existing PBX systems. Each SIP Trunk includes unlimited number of concurrent inbound or external calls. SIP Trunking offers a number of advantages over traditional ISDN:

No monthly or annual line rental; just purchase VoIP enablement on each telephone number you wish to enable for SIP Trunking. Or port in your existing telephone numbers.

Increasing capacity to existing PBX systems by deploying hosted PBX extensions alongside the existing system. All users can continue to use common numbers plan and include desk to desk calling as part of a single infrastructure.

SIP Trunking allows Remote Workers to be integrated within your main office PBX without the complexity of tunneling traffic, such as VPNs from your existing network or PBX.

Disaster Recovery: By enabling VoIP services or SIP Trunking you can ensure traffic is delivered directly to your VoIP end point. If this target is unavailable due to connectivity failure for example, calls can automatically route to your secondary or tertiary targets without the need to manually make changes! A good example is for your first target to be your VoIP service (SIP Trunk or hosted PBX) second target to your broadband telephone line number and the third target as your mobile number.


  • One off set up fee for hosted PBX or SIP Trunking - no monthly charges!

  • Unlimited concurrent calls inbound/outbound (no additional costs per channel!)

  • Multiple targets for automated failover

  • SIP/IAX end points for either direct handset connectivity or Trunking

  • Multi-site flexibility

  • Alternative cost effect solution for ISDN and ISDN30 replacement

  • Ideal if moving location, upsizing or downsizing and want to keep your existing telephone numbers

  • Can be enabled and working within 20 seconds on any Switch number

To enable SIP Trunking select 'upgrade' within the SwitchiINS portal, or contact us for further information.

Discounts can apply for multiple numbers!

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